Guest blogger: Waiting for Vizzini's Juan Vasquez

Since we're sitting here at Panera having dinner, which Juan paid for (THANKS!), I thought it would be fun to have a little "guest blogger" post. So take it away Juan...

It is nice of the sweet lady to shepard me back into the blogging fold as i have been so delinquent in updating my own. well so while i was waiting for the lovely lady to arrive i was reading a really nice book that if you hurry you can still get the hardback for a dollar at the dollar tree, Syrup by Maxx Barry. You really should read it and another nove he has out called Jennifer Government or play the NationStates game online. I am eating Bistro Steak Salad which luckily for me has no onions as i plan to move in for a kiss later. on the home front my mom and my nephew have this weekend discovered the the merits of the inflatable backyard pool.

the lady just took a pic of me maybe she'll post it later. she showing me pics of rosie being happy about cheesy potatoes, rosie is to die for she is so cute.

back to the host...

No Juan, I will not be kissing you, lol. But nice try, that was cute. =P
Anyways, enough of this-back to dinner!

PS) Juan wants all of you to visit www.nationstates.net. You too can own your very own country!


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