I had a really awesome weekend, I have to say. I was really relaxed by Sunday. September 6th is the first day of the new session for court, and I will get the date of my post-separation support/child support hearing. The thought of going to court makes me really nervous, but hopefully things will turn out well all in all. Today has been a little trying with the kids. Their schedule's are totally off after spending the weekend with C.D, and it takes me a few days to get them in the swing of things again. He just seems to drag them all over God's creation with not a thought to their nap schedules and needed quiet times. It drives me NUTS. I spend a lot of my time playing catch-up with them because they don't get to bed at normal times with him either. So much of the time he will just drag them out, running errands, when they should be at home eating dinner and winding down for bed. And he WONDERS why they won't go to bed sometimes! They're all jacked up, and need time to come down! Alright, enough about that-I'm getting all flustered over something I can't do anything about.

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