Update on my custody case...

I went to the MeetUp last night over at Panera, and it was really nice to see "the gang" again. Even The Shu was there! =) I only decided to come after a butt kicking jog at Battleground Park made me crave the free bread given out. You no-carb people are nuts, haha. Anyway, I have an update on my custody case: I finally called my attorney again on Tuesday morning. She said she would call the evaluator to see what was going on with my case, and that very afternoon someone from the eval. office called. They said I had an appointment in September being made to see him again, ALONG with Cowboy Dan. I have no idea what that is all about. It makes me nervous.

I'm really kind of freaked out at this point because A) its been so long since the temporary custody agreement was signed, and B) it has taken so long for this guy to get back to me. I feel like my case is being forgotten about, or even worse, rushed through. There are so many important details that should be considered when thinking up a custody arrangement for the children. I just hope and pray that it is in God's will for the children to be with me. I don't know what I would do without them. I think I would just die.

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