A long while ago I posted about this old friend of mine whom I had deep feelings for. Well, I got married and moved away, he got a girlfriend and what have you-we both moved on. I never got over him in my heart. He was that one guy that a piece of my heart would always belong to. Well, we're having dinner within the next week and I'm a nervous wreck. I keep thinking about the typical things, like what will I wear, what will I say when I see him, should I play it totally cool, or just be how I feel. I'm kind of weirded out a little to tell you the truth. Part of me thinks Cowboy Dan is going to jump out from behind the bushes and shoot me. He hated this guy because I dated him after C.D broke up with me after we first met, and I totally fell in love with this guy and C.D knew it. I mean, I know this is a totally platonic dinner, but I still have that butterfly thing going on in my stomach, and no matter how much I tell myself to chill out, I can't help but do the stupid girly giggle every time I think about it. Hehe. Girly giggles can make you feel good every now and then though, so I'm not too worried about it. =P

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mbondur12 said...

Just go with your heart and be honest with him and with yourself. If you're honest, he will tell you where he stands.

He is obviously having dinner with you for a reason. Whether or not that wonderful feeling you get down in the bottom of your toes goes anywhere or not, I can't tell you, but it sounds like you at least have things to resolve with him for good or bad.

Good luck!

FunkyLoona said...

It did turn out to be cool Mike. Thanks for the advice too. =)

mbondur12 said...

Anytime. Glad it went well.


I have good news as well. I'll e-mail ya the details...

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